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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deploy Java Applications In The Cloud

A couple of years ago, I had played with Google App Engine. I liked the ease of deployment via eclipse and the fact that I could code in Java and deploy a web app. Then it hit me. All the restrictions and JVM API blacklist was tiring. You had to modify your libraries or applications to tailor to GAE restrictions.

Another potential solution is Heroku. It is popular. But the latest post from Adam announcing Java support is filled with hatred for Java EE. I am unsure how they are going to provide support for Transactions, Security etc (without custom coding) as that is provided by Java EE. Rich Sharples does a good job at dissecting the post.

Coming back to my topic of deploying Java Applications in the cloud, I have been quite excited to try out Red Hat's PAAS offering, the OpenShift. A user can now deploy Java EE 6 applications in the cloud. OpenShift will only get better over time. The dream of running your Java EE applications in the cloud is a reality. Hopefully Java developers will embrace OpenShift. They get access to JBoss AS7 instance to host their apps. Now that's progress in the cloud.

Thank you OpenShift.


How to videos for OpenShift.

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