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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

JBossXACML v2.0.4 Released

You can get JBossXACML v2.0.4 with minor performance improvements from

** Feature Request
* [ SECURITY-423 ] RequestAttributeFactory should have method for multi valued attributes
* [ SECURITY-424 ] Schema Entity Resolver to resolve to local XACML schemas
* [ SECURITY-425 ] Ability to disable JBossXACML Schema Validation
* [ SECURITY-431 ] JAXBContext should be cached in JBossPDP

** Release
* [ SECURITY-432 ] Release JBossXACML 2.0.4

1) I want to use the latest JBossXACML jar in JBoss AS 5.x
- You need to replace the jbossxacml.jar with the one from this release from the lib directory of your JBoss AS instance. Note if you have a jboss-sunxacml.jar in the lib directory also, discard it.