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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GSOC 12 at JBoss is ready to roll

Google has announced the 1200+ students that will be participating via 180 organizations this year (2012).  As announced a month ago, JBoss Community is one of the organizations participating in GSOC.

We generated a large number of Ideas and identified many mentors for those ideas.  It was an exciting phase. The Ideas page is at

Since the number of official gsoc slots has to be finite (you do the math - 1200 students from 180 organizations - so maybe anywhere from 2-20 slots per organization), we were lucky to finally get 8 slots allotted for JBoss Community.

So after negotiations with gsoc office and our mentors, 8 students were identified. The list for JBoss community is announced at

Congratulations to the students accepted into the gsoc program via JBoss community.  As true open source ambassadors, JBoss Community is not forgetting the students whose proposals have been rejected.  We are working to include them in open source projects nevertheless. :)

In the end, open source is the winner!

Monday, April 9, 2012

PicketLink STS on JBoss AS 7.1.x

Thanks to community member, Alex Jacinto, we now have a cheatsheet for PicketLink STS running on JBoss Application Server v7.1.x

Thanks Alex.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Student interaction via GSOC has been awesome

Last few years, JBoss Community projects participated on GSOC via the Fedora Program. This is the first year, we are participating as an independent entity in the GSOC program. So naturally we are excited as well as learning.

So far the interaction with the student community has been very awesome. They have come to JBoss Community with questions, interests and passions that we would not normally have.  Since the deadline for student proposals is April 6, they have been scampering with their proposals, hopping on to our email lists, IRC channels and forums.

Currently, the students are primarily interacting via the email list (  Signup:  and IRC channel #gsoc-jboss on freenode  (the log is at )

The mentors that have signed up on the Ideas Page for JBoss Community ( are excited, not only to have received multiple proposals for their projects but also to have great questions on their respective projects.