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Monday, August 15, 2011

JavaEE enabled PAAS and Security

I am sure you have seen all the news reports on the JavaEE6 Enabled Cloud Platform called OpenShift. I am also pleased to share that Scott Stark and I are presenting a session at Java One 2011 with the following details:

Session ID: 26120
Session Title: Experiences with Java EE-Enabled PaaS
Venue / Room: Hilton San Francisco - Imperial Ballroom B
Date and Time: 10/5/11, 16:30 - 17:30
Track Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud
Optional Track: Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies

The session will delve into our experiences with Java EE6 in the Cloud. What we learned and what we missed, in providing EE6 support in the OpenShift platform. At the end, we will talk about the various strategies we are employing to provide Identity Management support to the OpenShift users.

I am quite surprised that I did not see any other session at J1 that broached EE and PaaS together with experiences, given the growing significance of Cloud Computing.

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