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Friday, October 14, 2011

JavaOne11 Experiences :: JBoss AS7/PicketLink/SAML/OpenShift

I had the privilege of attending Java One in San Francisco this month. I had two talks this year.

1) Venue: JBoss Booth. Title: Trusted Security with PicketBox and PicketLink
2) Venue: Regular Session. Title: Experiences with Java EE Paas

In my view, this was a great conference for me. I had the opportunities to show case the SAML based SSO on web applications running on top of JBoss AS7 in the Red Hat's OpenShift Paas environment.

I also showcased Facebook/Google login to web apps running on JBoss AS7 deployed in OpenShift environment.

As part of my sessions, I created the following cheatsheet.

You should definitely give OpenShift a try. :)

Tribute to Steve Jobs:

Scott Stark and I had just finished making our presentation at Java One. I got an alert from Associated Press on my iPhone: "According to Apple, Steve Jobs has died". It was a shock to me. I showed the alert to Scott who was in the middle of answering offline questions from attendees and he was shocked too. Around 5:40pm. :(

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