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Friday, March 5, 2010

Project PicketBox (Security for Java Applications)

I would like to introduce you to Project PicketBox, a security framework for Java Application developers.

Project Page: PicketBox

What does it provide?

An API that can provide the following security features:
* Authentication using JAAS.
* Authorization (Coarse Grained and Fine Grained).
* Audit
* Security Mapping.

What is the latest version?

Latest version for download is 3.0.0.Final ( )
Since PicketBox is derived out of "JBoss Security" v2.0 code base, we have chosen to start with v3.

Where I can read the documentation?

You can read it here: PicketBox Overview

Does it provide annotations?

Yes, it does provide Security annotations. (PicketBoxSecurityAnnotations)

Who is planning to use PicketBox?

* The Seam Development team has immediate plans to use PicketBox for Seam v3.
* PicketBox will be available in JBoss Application Server v6.0 M3 and beyond.

1 comment:

Larry said...

Where may i find a developer guide and sample source code for picket box?

I prefer to use annotations.

Is picketbox aligned with Java standards?