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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Picketlink v1.0.2 is released

Project Page: PicketLink

If you are looking for SAMLv2, WS-Trust and OpenID support for your web applications, then PicketLink is the destination. PicketLink has deeper bindings with JBoss Application Server and Apache Tomcat. But we do offer support for any generic web container.

PicketLink is also the ideal choice for Single Sign On for Seam Applications.

Get it here.

Please stay tuned for more information on this release.


Release Notes for PicketLink Federated Identity
Includes versions: PLFED_1.0.2

** Feature Request
* [ PLFED-5 ] Seam authentication filter: add OpenID support

** Bug
* [ PLFED-19 ] FileBasedMetadataConfigurationStore.loadTrustedProviders keeps trustedFile locked for some indeterminate period
* [ PLFED-25 ] FileBasedMetadataConfigurationStore trusted providers file has improper extension
* [ PLFED-13 ] HTTP_Redirect binding: query string parameter SigAlg is not filled properly

** Task
* [ PLFED-7 ] PicketLink STS - parse the OnBehalfOf contents of WS-Trust request

** Release
* [ PLFED-44 ] Release PL Fed 1.0,2

Some new exciting features for Seam and PicketLink integration from Marcel:

PicketLink's Seam Module V1.0.2: many new features!

Note from Marcel: It's a big leap forward. The sample app is now a proof that the Seam module of PicketLink integrates well with external SAML and OpenID identity providers. And installing it in a JBoss AS 5.1 server is as simple as deploying the war file. I'm looking forward to the experiences of the community when using it.


If you are looking for a cheat sheet to run SAML on JBoss AS5.1, take this cheatsheet.

1. All software has bugs. If not, they are lying.
2. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Unknown said...

was waiting for his for my seam app .. will try it ASAP ..
thanks !