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Monday, March 8, 2010

Is OpenSSO alive?

Reading Rich Sharples post and also this post saying Oracle kills OpenSSO Express, I am left to wonder if OpenSSO as an open source project is alive? Let me ping Pat Patterson and see if he knows anything.

It is always sad to see any open source project unplugged from the community.

I do hope majority of the migrations from OpenSSO adopt our open source project called PicketLink, rather than adopt some commercial solution. At PicketLink, we have strived hard (yeah, really really hard) to keep things as simple and nimble as possible.

Info on PicketLink v1.0.2.


Unknown said...

forgerock is the new home for opensso...

Unknown said...


OpenSSO isnot dead. Oracle steps down and sell only support contract for existing customers. But plans to continue the development effort, to drive the community and provide support contracts for customers willing to stay with OpenSSO