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Friday, February 27, 2009

JBoss Identity 1.0.0.alpha2 released

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It gives me pleasure in announcing the next iteration of the JBoss Identity . The new version is 1.0.0.alpha2.

You can download the binary in zip format here for either JBoss Application Server or Apache Tomcat from here.

The documentation in zip format contains a User Guide as well as a Developer Guide.

What does this contain:
a) An IDM component (1.0.0.Alpha2) that has been driven by Bolek of JBoss Portal that provides an API/Model for your Identity needs in your applications.
b) Identity Federation component (v1.0.0.alpha2) that has the following:
- SAMLv2 based Web Browser SSO. (HTTP/Redirect Binding)
- SAMLv2 based Web Browser SSO with XML Signature Support.
- SAMLv2 based Web Browser SSO with XML Encryption Support.
c) Latest version of JBoss XACML component for Oasis XACML v2 support. (v2.0.3.CR1)

Developers who are interested in adding SAML support to their applications can use the API mentioned in the Developer guide.

All you need to do is unzip the distribution in JBAS or Tomcat. Please follow the User Guide for more information.

If you have any questions, please use the User Forum.

Please watch for more information on this wiki: (we will certainly provide more information here based on feedback).

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