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Monday, February 2, 2009

JBoss Identity Community Platform 1.0.0.alpha1 released

NOTE: please refer to

I am pleased to announce the 1.0.0.alpha1 release of the "JBoss Identity Community Platform" for your Identity Management needs.

The project URL is:

The JBoss Identity Community Platform contains the following:
a) An Identity Management Framework under the IDM subcomponent. Description is available from Bolek's thread:

IDM provides management of identities (Identity,Attributes,Roles etc with various Identity Store plug-and-play).

b) An Identity Federation project that provides federated identity capabilities including SAML v2 based Web SSO.

Apart from Web SSO, advanced support includes XML Signature support for trust management and an object model for SAMLv2 and WS-Trust to develop federated identity based applications/services.

c) XMLKey project that provides key management capabilities based on W3C XKMS v2 and Oasis Symmetric Key Management. This project currently provides an object model and unit tests displaying the use of the object model for key management. Some additional work is pending for this project.

The community platform can be enhanced with functionality from:
1) JBoss XACML project that provides fine grained authorization using Oasis XACML v2.0 standards. Remember for alpha1, you will need the 2.0.3.alpha release of JBossXACML (pick the jars from and )

2) JBoss Negotiation project that provides desktop SSO using SPNego/Kerberos for your web applications. (

Even though this is an announcement for an alpha version of the community platform, we are working aggressively on this project and solicit and welcome questions/feedback/contributions from the community. Please tuned in for frequent announcements for releases in this project.

Acknowledgements :
I would like to acknowledge Bolek from the JBoss Portal project for the excellent work on the IDM framework. I also thank Darran for the work on JBoss Negotiation. I also thank Mark Little, Sohil, ThomasH, Stefan, Jeff,TomB,Marcus,MikeBrock,Mark Proctor, Greg Hinkle, Charles and others for the support/feedback.


1) Why the name "Community Platform"?
It is a selected set of projects/technologies/standards that will cater to the community's identity management needs.

2) What about the other profiles of SAMLv2?
We wish to have a feedback cycle with the community to understand the needs and use cases. You can certainly vote on the profiles with your use case information here:

3) How can I get in touch with the developers of this project?
Register in the jboss-security-beta mailing list of
or use the forum at

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