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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

JBossXACML 2.0.3.CR1 released

I would like to announce the availability of JBossXACML v2.0.3.CR1 release. You can get to it from the downloads page here:
JBossXACML Download

What does this have over the last v2.0.2.SP1 release?
* Bug fixes.
* Consolidation of jboss-xacml.jar and jboss-sunxacml.jar into one jar - jbossxacml.jar
* Discontinuation of the jboss-xacml-saml.jar as this functionality is currently provided by JBossIdentity.

As always, please provide feedback at the user forum.

1) How do I use this CR1 jar in AS5.x?
AS5.0.0.GA and 5.0.1.GA contain the v2.0.2.SP1 release of JBossXACML. Just replace the jboss-xacml.jar and jboss-sunxacml.jar from common/lib directory with the jbossxacml.jar

2) Are there any tutorials?

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