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Thursday, November 8, 2007

JBoss XACML v2.0.1-GA news

NOTE: JBossXACML v2.0.3.CR1 is here. <========

The release was done a few days ago. Not much changed from the Beta that was released earlier. We are still working on a Policy Management Console that makes it easier to perform Policy Construction and Management. I do not have any concrete dates for any console at the moment. So stay tuned.

I know that many of you are eager to try out XACML with JBoss and have all types of questions about whether we will implement a PEP, PDP and PAP at JBoss. PEP and PDP are important for JBoss AS v5.x. I have added support for XACML at the web and EJB layers in JBAS 5.0.x coming out in the future. PAP will happen at leisure.

I did give a presentation on OASIS SAML2 and XACML2 at the Computer Security Institute (CSI) Annual Conference in Washington, DC this week.
Robust Web-Based Security Using OASIS SAML and XACML

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