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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Survey: Do you use JBoss XACML?

I am trying to get a sense of usage of JBoss XACML either as a standalone project or inside JBoss Application Server v5.0. If you are using this project, please choose any of the 3 options. Takes less than 10 seconds.

The survey is available on the Left Hand Column of


What is JBoss XACML?
Refer to:

What is Oasis XACML?
Refer to:

Can I use JBossXACML without using the JBoss Application Server?
Of course, it is a standalone project.
Pick your jars from the following two places for the latest version:



Ronald van Kuijk said...


Unfortunately, 'not yet' is not an option. It's high on my list to experiment with (already, based on functionality, that I want to use it)

SpiderMars said...


Same here.
For my current client I am looking into implementing my own JACC provider that delegates to a PDP we are in the process of selecting.
A XACML based solution would be preferable, but than the retrieval of XACML policies must be pluggable/configurable, and not only retrieved from the WEB-INF directory.
The major benefit of using JACC is the possibility to change the policies on the fly without redeploying/restarting the application making it less available.