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Friday, January 16, 2009

Computer Forensics: Paul Wright Speaks

Paul Wright is the head of HiTech Crime Unit for the City of London Police. He has been trying hard to bridge a rapport with security experts in the industry and law enforcement. I was one of the primary drivers for Paul to come and make a keynote presentation at the Oasis Security Forum in London 2008 ( At the particular keynote, he stressed the need for companies/enterprises to report break-ins/fraud etc to law enforcement asap and not to make changes to the infrastructure that has become exposed to crime. Slides.

He stressed the need for checkpoints in databases and applications that enable the law enforcement detectives to figure out what the crime involved by looking at the changes.

I would point out to an online interview that Paul has delivered here:
Interview with Paul Wright, City of London Police - 5/9/08

Paul Wright: All over the globe more and more instances of hi-tech and e-crime are being investigated by law enforcement agencies and other investigative bodies. Along with this increase in workload has come the realisation that crimes involving computers (either as the target of offending, as one of a range of tools, or as the principal tool used in the commission of offences) are technically difficult to investigate and raise many practical problems. One of my main roles is solving those problems and anticipating as many of them as I possibly can.
Great Interview, Paul. Happy New Year 2009.

Picture of Paul Wright. His Profile.

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