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Saturday, April 12, 2008

JBossXACML v2.0.2.GA released

Note: JBossXACML v2.0.3.CR1 is here. <=======

After a very successful interoperability at the Oasis XACML Interoperability event at the RSA Conference 2008, I released the v2.0.2.GA libraries of JBossXACML. The JIRA issue is SECURITY-193.

What should be expected in 2.0.2.GA libraries?
1) Oasis XACML v2.0 core.
2) SOAP v1.1/SAML2.0Payload carrying XACML requests/response capabilities (Using OpenSAML v2.0).
- We will have packaged servlets for usage. :)
3) JAXB v2.0 Object Model to deal with policies, requests etc (if not interested in dealing with xml).

Stay tuned.

Additionally, as part of the Open Console or Embedded Console of JBoss AS5, we should have a decent free xacml editor to create policy sets (in the works now).

Where should I look for the files to download?


My appreciation to Marcus Moyses for all the help he rendered during the pre-interop preparation. Marcus is leading our xacml console effort.


April 24, 2008
The demo is now operational, so no code changes are necessary at the moment. We started from a commercial product that did not meet expectations. In fourteen days effort we were able to retarget and deliver using JBossXACML, mainly by closely following the JBossXACML test cases. I am very happy we discovered the alternative, and it is much more robust than the commercial alternative. Well done!

UPDATE: November 16, 2008
I know that many folks out there in the community and the industry are making use of JBossXACML. I would really like to know if JBossXACML has been useful to you. So please drop me a note at (Anil dot Saldhana at redhat dot com) if you find JBossXACML useful. When people find OSS projects useful, it gives its developers satisfaction. CHEERS!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to that XACML Editor!