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Saturday, February 23, 2008

How is Privacy related to the decline in Golf in the US?

Reading the latest news article in NYT, titled "More Americans Are Giving Up Golf", my mind has started racing to tie Security, Privacy with this phenomenon of decline in outdoor sports namely Golf and Tennis. If you are wondering, read on:

The disappearance of golfers over the past several years is part of a broader decline in outdoor activities — including tennis, swimming, hiking, biking and downhill skiing — according to a number of academic and recreation industry studies.

A 2006 study by the United States Tennis Association, which has battled the trend somewhat successfully with a forceful campaign to recruit young players, found that punishing hurricane seasons factored into the decline of play in the South, while the soaring popularity of electronic games and newer sports like skateboarding was diminishing the number of new tennis players everywhere.

Rodney B. Warnick, a professor of recreation studies and tourism at the University of Massachusetts, said that the aging population of the United States was probably a part of the problem, too, and that “there is a younger generation that is just not as active.”

Wow, the younger generation is not at all active anymore. Strong statement. What does that mean? They are indoors. They are hooked to their electronic games and their computer. When I said computer, probably they are online. If they are online, they are probably socializing on the web - maybe in one of the umpteen online social networks (no need for names, you probably know the prominent ones and yes, those are the sites frequented by the teenagers, pre-teens and early youth).

Now, why would the pattern of increasing number of youngsters hooked on to the online world be a cause for concern? Well, certainly they are not playing outdoor sports, implying not doing anything good for their health. The pattern I am driving at is the potential increase in the youth being the targets of Cyber-bullying and the loss of privacy with the social networks. In addition, all the horrors mentioned in my earlier blog posts:

Tips to keep your children safe on the internet

In a nutshell, if you have scowled at my argument, well here is the link that you should be reading.

If you tell me that everyone has no privacy, then hmmmmm....

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