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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cyber Bullying and the lack of legislation

Parry Aftab has an excellent eye-opening write up on the growing trend of Cyber Bullying and the lack of any legislation for the victims.

One form of harassment that’s on the rise is cyberbullying -- when one young person is targeted by one or more other young persons using interactive technologies. The most common cyberbullying platform in recent years takes place on Web 2.0 networks, like MySpace and YouTube Inc. Cyberbullies use these sites to post real or made-up information designed to embarrass their target and to get others on board. In some cases, online surveys are created to vote for the ugliest, fattest, most unpopular kids in school, post mean comments about them, and display pictures intended to humiliate them.

The need for an increased trust based relationship between parents and children has never been vital as it is now in the modern cyber savvy world.


It is a welcome sign when an online social networking site such as Facebook is trying to improve the security of young kids. But how much is really sufficient?
Facebook to Strengthen Child Warnings

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Good job Parry.

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