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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sitemap protocol from Google makes eGovernment Possible

A few months back, I had made a presentation at the W3C Workshop on eGovernment and the Web in Washington DC. Well, my memories of this workshop was not only that I made a presentation to many of the policy makers from the UK and US governmental agencies, I also had the privilege of sitting beside Sir Tim Berners-Lee at the workshop for a few hours (I did have some discussion off-line on web security with him). Summary of my presentation is here.

The reason I am broaching this topic again is that I had the privilege of listening to JL Needham of Google talk about a sitemap protocol to make eGovernment more accessibile to the citizens.

Here is JL Needham testifying at a Senate committee on Sitemap protocol. His testimony talks about how Google Earth and Map is being used by Governmental agencies. Interesting insight into how web 2.0 is shaping the eGovernment information.

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