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Sunday, December 16, 2007

SAML and JBoss

UPDATE (Dec 09):

The following content is outdated:

I know that there are many JBoss users hoping to see SAML v2.0 support in JBossAS. We will get there once OpenSAML v2.0 development by Internet2 middleware reaches some stable milestone. What I like about OpenSAML is that it provides a library to build components that are saml aware. A nice thing is that v2 will contain bindings like http redirect, http post etc that we can reuse.

Well, I am just thinking that there is broad expectation of saml2 support in JBoss. Why don't you tell me by leaving a comment?

UPDATE (Feb 09): Use the Identity Community Platform

UPDATE (Oct 08): We are working on a common identity project at JBoss. As part of this project, we will provide you Identity Management as well as Federated Identity stack (SAML etc).


ceebee said...

yes, of course there are expactations, regarding saml2. I started to read your blog to get an idea if anybody is currently working for JBoss on that. Compared to the impact there is very few attention to identity management.

HaMdi said...

I just begin discovering SAML and i have some questions on SAML/JBoss topic:
1- Is JBoss contain some plugin that enables SAML authentication
2- What version of SAML is supported
3- Is JBoss contain librairies to developpe applications using SAML structures (Request ,Assertion ...)
4- To use SAML authentication, i guess we need an IdP with we interact from web app. Am I right?
Sorry for my ignorance, but i am studying how to implement SAML in our J2EE webapp and i think that JBoss is a way to do this.