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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Social Media increases our connection to the Internet

Most of us use Social Media in one form or the other. Be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Four Square, blogger etc. It is a means by which we stay connected to this planet. Your old friend lives thousands of miles away on the other side of the planet, well, you can reach out to him on a daily basis via the social media. You have not met this classmate since kindergarten and now you get connected to him by Facebook or Myspace.

Each time you use social media, you are giving out your privacy, a bit at a time. I am sure one day avid users of the Social media can attest to Scott McNealy's famous saying on privacy. Before getting there, let us look at one phenomenon of human relationships that is getting to be the toughest for individuals - young and older. The social phenomenon of breakups. Breakups are normal psychological phases that individuals go through, in this world.

Scott Bolohan of Chicago's Red Eye has this interesting article on how the Internet is making it harder for him to breakup. I know. I know. The article is funny (at least all that Scott does to trace his old flame). But a deeper introspection of what Scott is trying to communicate will make you understand the grand scheme of things associated with social media.

Since it is a small world and we are connected to one another via mutual friends, it is going to be increasingly difficult not only to breakup but also to find suitable dates. Gena Grish talks about it in the Huffington Post. She has trouble with potential dates googling about her.

What are the alternatives? Stop using the social media? Do not divulge any information on the web? The jury is out. We certainly are entering or entered a Brave New World. Either we embrace it or live in our own shell.

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