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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Changing Terrain of the Internet

This week, I have seen two interesting bits of information on the internet that at least forces you to think a bit.

Although the overall value of the Internet as a global information highway and enabler of International eCommerce cannot be undermined, there certainly have been some alarming trends happening on the internet that would not have materialized otherwise (Refer to item 1).

Information Item 1:-
One interesting view is in the Mint, an Indian newspaper from WSJ which goes as follows: THE NEW FRONTIER OF TERROR—CYBERSPACE Mr.Raghu Raman raises some very important questions about the usage of the Internet for reasons not in line with its original intent (the intent by which Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the WWW).

Information Item 2
On a lighter side, we do have the Israeli Rabbis issuing an ultimatum for ban of the internet.
Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Rabbis Rage Against The Internet

Is the Internet Evil? ;)

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