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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Facebook and Corporate Users

In the latest debacle associated with the usage of Facebook, 13 employees (Crew) of Virgin Atlantic have been sacked for inappropriate discussions on facebook which has brought disrepute to the employer.

"Following a thorough investigation, it was found that all 13 staff participated in a discussion on the networking site Facebook, which brought the company into disrepute and insulted some of our passengers.

"It is impossible for these cabin crew members to uphold [our] high standards of customer service... if they hold these views."

A spokesman for the airline added that there was "a time and a place for Facebook".

Other aspects that you need to look at are the proliferation of viruses via the social networks - Facebook Koobface computer virus or Orkut scrap virus.

The biggest users of social networks are the Gen Y be it on personal, mobile or corporate set ups. A disturbing report on Information Week.

"Since Nov. 5, three separate studies -- from Accenture, Intel, and ISACA, a major IT users group -- have indicted the youngest generation of employees as one of the enterprise's newest and most serious security risks. People under the age of 28 -- sometimes called Generation Y and sometimes called Millennials, depending on how you define the category -- are engaging in online behavior that could expose their organizations to data leakage and information theft, the studies say."

"Interestingly, the Intel study suggests that many IT organizations are changing their behavior to accommodate the younger employees, rather than the other way around. Nearly 30% of the IT pros surveyed said they have changed their IT policies to meet the demands of Gen Y, allowing employees to access their work e-mail from noncompany smartphones or other devices and, in some cases, relaxing their rules surrounding the use of social networking sites."

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