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Friday, September 26, 2008

New deployer mechanism in AS5

If you have not yet had a chance to look at this great blog post by BobMc on deployers in JBoss Application Server 5 (JBAS5), then the time is now. :)
Deployers in JBoss Microcontainer

The deployers are broken into categories that depend on stages - parsing, class loader and real.


Ales Justin said...

There is more than just those three stages. ;-)

public interface DeploymentStages
/** The not installed stage - nothing is done here */
DeploymentStage NOT_INSTALLED = new DeploymentStage("Not Installed");

/** The parse stage - where metadata is read */
DeploymentStage PARSE = new DeploymentStage("Parse", NOT_INSTALLED);

/** The post parse stage - where metadata can be fixed up */
DeploymentStage POST_PARSE = new DeploymentStage("PostParse", PARSE);

/** The pre describe stage - where default dependencies metadata can be created */
DeploymentStage PRE_DESCRIBE = new DeploymentStage("PreDescribe", POST_PARSE);

/** The describe stage - where dependencies are established */
DeploymentStage DESCRIBE = new DeploymentStage("Describe", PRE_DESCRIBE);

/** The classloader stage - where classloaders are created */
DeploymentStage CLASSLOADER = new DeploymentStage("ClassLoader", DESCRIBE);

/** The post classloader stage - e.g. aop */
DeploymentStage POST_CLASSLOADER = new DeploymentStage("PostClassLoader", CLASSLOADER);

/** The pre real stage - where before real deployments are done */
DeploymentStage PRE_REAL = new DeploymentStage("PreReal", POST_CLASSLOADER);

/** The real stage - where real deployment processing is done */
DeploymentStage REAL = new DeploymentStage("Real", PRE_REAL);

/** The installed stage - could be used to provide valve in future? */
DeploymentStage INSTALLED = new DeploymentStage("Installed", REAL);

Anonymous said...

And there's room to add/configure your own phases...