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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Call for SAML Profiling

Please take a look at the following call for saml profiles:

Note: The Oasis Security Services Technical Committee (SSTC) is issuing this call.

The SSTC is issuing a "call for profiling intentions" in order to organize its work for the next several months. If you are planning to submit a SAML profile, binding, or extension to the SSTC for its consideration sometime soon(ish), please drop me a note with a proposed title, short abstract/rationale, and the timeframe in which you plan to bring the draft to the SSTC.

Similarly, if you are working on a SAML profile or extension in your own venue and want to seek the SSTC's guidance, let us know that as well.

Please let us know by Friday, July 25 of your plans so we can put together a comprehensive plan for SSTC activities through the fall.

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