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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Hat open sources Certificate System

Source Code for Red Hat Certificate System Released

This means a lot to many folks, such as Arshad Noor, Chair, Oasis EKMI who talks about it here.

The FreeIPA initiative has a been a positive step for centralized Identity, Policy and Audit requirements in a Linux based environment.

If you are going to be present at the RSA Conference in April 2008, do stop by the Red Hat booth to hear about IPA, Open Sourced CS etc. I will be present at the Oasis XACML Interop booths (132-136) leading JBoss/RedHat. See you at the RSA Conference.

By the way, let me point out certain things about Red Hat CS.

Based on Red Hat Certificate System
Red Hat Certificate System handles all major functions of the certificate life cycle, and simplifies enterprise-wide deployment and adoption of a robust security architecture.

Ken Milberg takes a tour of RHCS.

Incorporate this certificate server into your projects.

Additional marketing statement:
A complete public key infrastructure solution, Red Hat Certificate System 7.2 provides a security framework that guarantees the identity of users and ensures the privacy of communications in heterogeneous environments.

Well, the open sourced certificate server is called "Dogtag Certificate System".

Additionally, please read Bob Lord's blog post.

UPDATE: Oasis XACML Interoperability event at the RSA Conference 2008.

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