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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

eCrime: How do we deal with it?

I mentioned in my earlier blog post that APWG recently conducted a eCrime summit in Pittsburgh. So eCrime is a menace that affects all facets of our democratic societies.

Have a look at Dr.Philip Hallam-Baker's presentation from Google Tech Talks, January 2006. I know Dr.Hallam-Baker from various working groups at W3C and other standards groups. He is a Principal Scientist/Evangelist at Verisign.

Crime: The Real Internet Security Problem

Dr Hallam-Baker is a leading designer or Internet security protocols and has ... all » made substantial contributions to the HTTP Digest Authentication mechanism, XKMS, SAML and WS-Security. He is currently working on the DKIM email signing protocol, federated identity systems and completing his first book, The dotCrime Manifesto which sets out a comprehensive strategy for defeating Internet crime.

Dr Hallam-Baker has a degree in Electronic Engineering from Southampton University and a doctorate in Computer Science from the Nuclear Physics Laboratory at Oxford University.

ABSTRACT Internet Crime is a serious and growing problem. Phishing, Advance Fee and Consumer fraud continue to grow at alarming rates. Internet crime is a business that makes huge profits for some. But despite the fact that security has regularly polled as almost every type of Internet user's top priority over the past ten years, almost none of the security mechanisms developed in response are effectively controlling Internet crime.

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