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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oasis XACML Interoperability Event at Burton Catalyst Conference

I am back after a trip to San Francisco to lead JBoss/Red Hat at the Oasis XACML Interoperability Event at the Burton Catalyst Conference. It was a tremendous successful culmination of almost 2 months of effort by 8 vendors (BEA, IBM, JBoss/Red Hat, Oracle, CA, Jericho Systems, SymLabs and Securent) to interoperate. The whole exercise was a great way to detect bugs/issues in the various products. The collaboration between the vendors was done with courtesy and zero-finger-pointing. There was never a feeling between us that we are competitors in many domains.

During the interop demo, users from various companies were pleasantly surprised that something like XACML standard existed to help solve their access control nightmares.

I got to meet Tony Nadalin from IBM again. Same goes with Hal Lockhart of BEA Systems. I wanted to meet Prateek Mishra from Oracle and I did. I also got to chat with Rich Levinson from Oracle, Sempo from Symlabs and Shekhar Sarrukkai from Securent. At the end of the event, I was fortunate to meet Gerry Gebel, VP, Identity and Privacy Strategies, Burton Group who was the individual who had sent me an invitation in March to check for participation.

Here is the official press release from Oasis.
Oasis XACML Interoperability Press Release

There will also be a Podcast beamed soon from Oasis which contains an interview of me (among others'). :)

UPDATE: Link for the podcast is: OASIS XACML Interop Event

If you need additional information, you can always contact me at ( anil DOT saldhana AT redhat DOT com).

I can vouch that this event raised a lot of eye brows in the industry because my blog post on xacml interop was perused consistently ever since it was published and it was a top hit on any google search, given that it was the only blog posting any details about the event. This basically demonstrates the interest in the community about xacml.

On my part, I will be releasing a beta version of JBoss XACML v2.0 (first beta and then the GA version) in the next 30 days. You will be able to use the lgpl licensed library in any Java Application. If you need a fancy GUI tool to go with it, I would invite you to contribute one. :) Why am I planning on a v2.0 straight away? The answer lies in the version of Oasis XACML Spec that it will support.

When Oasis XACML v3.0 comes out, then we can release JBoss XACML 3.0. ;)

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