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Friday, May 25, 2007

First roundtrip interoperability tested for XACML Interoperability

I am a voting member on the Oasis XACML Technical Committee representing JBoss/Red Hat. I am also leading Red Hat's participation at the XACML Interoperability event scheduled at the Burton Catalyst Conference at the end of June in San Francisco.

The last few days, the various vendors participating at the interop event have been discussing scenarios to test such that we maintain interest among the attendees as well as not make them so complex that the first ever interoperability event for XACML fails.

Given this, Jericho systems put their endpoint out for others to test. So the honor of being the first vendor ever to publicly place an endpoint for interoperability goes to Jericho systems.

I was able to test the public endpoint. So this makes me a participator in the first ever round trip interoperability exercise for XACML.

The SAML based XACML response received from Jericho endpoint has been framed for eternity here (an idea by Rich Levinson from Oracle Corp).
First SOAP Response

The honor of framing was mine and there goes my 2 minutes of fame. The rest of the fame will come when I put our endpoints out and other vendors are able to access.

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